my story

Hi! My name is Lizzii Hills. I am a Musical Theatre and T.V performer with over 18 years’ experience performing in West End shows, touring and teaching. I have taught thousands of children up and down the country in theatre schools, primary, secondary schools and colleges.

I have seen a rise in the number of children displaying low confidence, and the word 'Anxiety' is heard more frequently in schools.

WHY I.C.E Kids Confidence Workshops?

I.C.E workshops have been developed to help build every child’s confidence.


Alongside school workshops, I also teach students individually every week. They come to me because of confidence issues, but they love to sing or act or dance.


I.C.E. uses fun, drama based games and activities in a carefully constructed format to encourage children to work together in teams, as well as make their own decisions, to make eye contact and work with different peers in their class. 


The workshops begin with a gentle introductory circle game, encouraging each student to participate from the start.

They are encouraged to use their imagination in creating and sharing stories.


Young students have fun making up songs and adding movement in smaller groups, guided and encouraged by the I.C.E leader. A choice of subject/stimulus is given for students to choose from.


I use movement and physical exercises to help the body feel strong and supported, but equally I teach students to relax their bodies when needed, so they can concentrate on the muscles that need to be working for the task in hand.

Students are encouraged to take part in games which subtly introduce eye contact, trust and elements of physical contact such as hand shaking. This is something they will need to feel comfortable doing, preparing for future interviews, jobs and apprenticeships. 


I.C.E encourage EVERY student to become confident enough to speak clearly and project their voice across a room.

My goal is to eradicate anxiety and low confidence in children from a young age and to encourage children as they get older… through having fun!


The reviews on the I.C.E website speak for themselves and I am so proud of each and every one!


I hope to work with your school soon!

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