Encouraging Confidence in Our Children! 


I.C.E Kids - Led by West End Star, Lizzii Hills, we provide confidence building workshops throughout schools in the UK!    



I.C.E Kids proudly provide confidence building workshops for children in school.

Through drama play, movement and music lead activities, we encourage EVERY child as an individual to reach their full potential.

It is so important for children to feel comfortable and confident in who they are, especially during certain parts of their life:


  • New school

  • New school year

  • Exams

  • Presentations

  • Interviews

  • Looking to the future

  • Friendships

  • Physical and emotional change

  • Personal growth​

I.C.E teaches important life skills to take with them on their school journey and into adult life. 

Vocal Coach & Lamda Teacher

Beth is growing in confidence each week, learning songs and performing them aloud. Beth is a natural dancer and wants to improve on her facial expressions and protraying emotion when she performs. We are learning about using the whole body to sing/act/dance-from top to toe!

Hard to believe this beautiful young woman was about to give up on her dream of singing... 3 months ago, Char came to me with little confidence, a tight throat, painful reflux and constant worries that she was going to lose her voice after she sang. Char is proving every lesson that her hard work and re-discovered self belief is paying off. So much so, she shed happy tears today. What a fab job I have... You're back Missy...

This young lady came to me with little confidence. A pretty, tuneful voice I could just about hear, but constant self doubt kept making her stop and hold back....We are erasing that self doubt and concentrating on breathing technique and the enjoyment we feel when we sing...I am so proud of how far you have come Amelie! 😍😇 Let's keep going...how exciting! 
When I asked Amelie how she felt after singing today she said, 'I felt fresh!' ☺️ 
I did too! 😊

This is the wonderful, brave and talented Ali...
She is amazing! 
Nobody would know that this pretty teen lives with diabetes, a bad liver, swollen spleen and Cystic Fibrosis. This is a life limiting condition, which effects the lungs making it hard to clear them, therefore causing infections. Exercises i.e. Singing help to expand the lungs which will hopefully help achieve better lung function and better overall health and well being. 
I am so proud of Ali, overcoming anxieties, coming in each lesson with her big smile, learning how to support her voice and producing clear, sustained notes. 👌🏻